Bikini-clad bride bizarrely rolls around in the mud after saying her vows as her bemused husband looks on

A BRIDE wore a white bikini complete with a veil to marry her fiancé in the back of a pick-up truck – before she began rolling around in the mud.

Ahrielle tied the knot with Jerome Biddle at the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda, Florida, and their wedding snaps have gone viral.

The newlyweds both wore unusual attire, with Jerome – who wore denim dungarees – saying both their outfits got a few funny looks as people stopped to watch.

Jerome added as they were both atheist, they knew a church was out the question, but in the end couple said 'I do' on the back of the white truck, which had been decorated with a white arch for the ceremony.

Ahrielle, mum to Dylan, Bryant, Kayden and Amara, then ditched her veil to mud-wrestle her new husband before they sealed the deal with a smooch on the mud flats.

After their photos went viral, Jerome has set up a GoFundMe page for a 'redneck honeymoon' for the couple.

He wrote online: "Since our recent redneck wedding has gone viral, I thought I would reach out to our fans to help me give my beautiful bride the honeymoon she deserves.

"She really wants to go jeeping in the Colorado Rockies. Please help me make her dream come true.

"We have so many years to come and millions of memories to make. We promise forever to each other and show all of our fans our future together.

"We appreciate all of the support and hope to see you all with us on this amazing path ahead."

Jerome later told the Metro he was proud to "step away from tradition" and do things his own way.

He said: "It was spring break in South Florida so the bikini had to be a part of it.

"As far as the overalls I wore, that was me just wanting to yee yee it up.

"There's been a little bit of negative feedback mostly just stupid inbred jokes but none of it really bothered us at all.

"A wedding is about the love you have for one another and not what any other c***s think."

So far the couple have raised $400 (£306) of their $5,000 (£3,835) target.

After their snaps went viral, they ended up on Reddit where people have branded the couple “trashy”.

One person said: “Hey now, think of all the money she saved on the wedding dress….”

While this person simply wrote: “You're trashy.”

But a third wrote: “I mean at least they look happy and like they had fun.

“Better to have a wedding true to yourself then spending a s**t ton on stuff you don’t want just to appease others.”

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And this bride was mocked for wearing an engagement ring which looked like a 'paperclip'.

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