Bride's VERY revealing dress slammed as she suffers awkward wardrobe malfunction while cutting the cake

IF there's ever a day you could do with avoiding a wardrobe malfunction, it's your wedding – i.e. what will become the most well- documented 24 hours of your life. EVER.

Unfortunately for one bride, this exact nightmare became a reality when she accidentally slipped out of her dress as she was cutting into the cake with her new husband – you know, one of the most important moments of any wedding.

Naturally it wasn't long until a photo of the cringe-inducing moment ended up on Reddit – where horrified users blasted the anonymous bride's mates for not warning her about the ill-fitting dress.

The bride opted for a long-sleeved lace dress with a plunging neckline which unfortunately allowed her right boob to come popping out at one of the worst possible times.

Expressing sympathy for the bride, the original poster wrote: "Everybody who let her walk down the aisle like this did her dirty.

"I AM NOT BODY SHAMING, just pointing out that this is the wrong kind of dress for her breasts."

Rallying around the woman, another added: "My heart aches for her. Her friends suck. My heart hopes they run into a wall."

However, a third wrote: "I have saggy breasts too but I know better than to go running around without a bra on. Especially on such an important day!"

Questioning why the bride went braless, one wrote: "This dress looks really pretty too, it would have been a perfect candidate to wear a bra with."

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