Camilla’s style evolution ‘never overdone and at once familiar’ as she turns 74

Camilla's face mask difficulties discussed by royal commentators

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The Duchess of Cornwall has been in the public eye for years, long before marrying Prince Charles in 2005. Fans admire her for her sophisticated and impeccable style, which has evolved over the years as her “public persona changed”. According to a fashion expert, she now has “a more illuminating presence.”

Camilla was already well known in the 70s for her close relation to Prince Charles. 

Back then, she used to wear a similar hairstyle but opted for geometric-print dresses. 

In the 90s, her style became more elegant and she was usually seen donning tailored skirt suits. 

Although she was – and still is – a fan of pastel colours, she has also worn some iconic outfits like the stunning long black dress she sported during a party at The Ritz in 1995.

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When she became older, and after her relationship with Prince Charles was officialised, she opted for pastel colours, and pink dresses become her new favourites. 

In 2005 she donned one of her more iconic outfits: her wedding gown. 

Camilla wore a blue dress coat embroidered with golden thread from Robinson Valentine. 

She completed her wedding look with a feathered fascinator by Philip Treacy.

Now, Camilla is known for wearing sophisticated and colourful suits, usually with matching hats and clutch. 

She is also a fan of pearl necklaces which she usually wears to add an elegant touch to her outfits 

Fashion expert and private tailor, Tom Mojet, said: “The Duchess of Cornwall has impeccable style, she has become a picture of elegant conservative. 

He described her style as “never overdone and at once familiar.” 

The fashion expert explained that her fashion choices have certainly changed and evolved over the years creating her very own style. 

“Since the Duchess of Cornwall’s public persona has changed, so too has her personal style,” he explained. 

He continued: “Now, she always wears beautifully tailored pieces, and favours sleek dresses in pastel tones, as well as pretty skirts and blazers.” 

He explained that at 74, Camilla looks better than ever as “she has a more illuminating presence and mixes her sartorial savvy style with an empowering matching colour palette.” 

During her last appearance, Camilla wore a beautiful blue skirt and blazer while visiting The Great Yorkshire Show. 

The royal opted for a navy polka dot skirt and matching accessories.  

This summer she has also been seen wearing summery dresses. 

Camilla looked glamorous in a three-quarter-length white tunic when she attended “A Starry Night in the Nilgiri Hills” earlier this week. 

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