Celebrity Stylist Dani Michelle Says This Is the Secret Behind the Viral Paper Clip Top

If most of your fashion inspiration comes from celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian, it's probably time to say thank you to Dani Michelle. The professional stylist, who counts those icons as her clients, is the real mastermind behind some of our favorite outfits — which we've admittedly copied from head to heel. So, if Dani's saying a trend will be big in the near future? Well, we know it's only a matter of time before we spot one of our favorite style icons wearing it.

Thankfully, for fall 2021, Dani partnered with DSW and made it easier than ever to shop celebrity-inspired shoe trends. Her curated collection, The Dani Michelle x DSW Fall Edit, can be found on the store's site, and includes a variety of fun styles meant to amp up your everyday wardrobe, from sneakers to lug boots. Also in the mix are "embellishers" — a name Dani and DSW have given to the sparkly and colorful designs that instantly elevate an outfit.

"Adding a color pop or an embellished shoe makes [your outfit] really fun and feels like, 'Okay, I've polished my look off,'" Dani tells InStyle, adding that they're perfect to pair with everyday essentials and basics. "I love the unexpected. It's really fun to put a really dressy shoe with a casual outfit. I love that juxtaposition."

For the fall season, Dani is particularly excited to shop clogs — which, yes, she acknowledges is a somewhat controversial choice — along with Mary-Janes, which she says give outfits a punk-inspired twist. However, if your style skews more classic, not to worry: the stylist is also a big fan of just-below-the-knee boots.

"I love wearing a little dress and boots, or a little miniskirt and booties. It makes the leg look longer and is fun to show off. It just adds an extra element of confidence, and makes your outfit look a little bit hotter."

Speaking of looking hotter, it's common knowledge that Dani's top clients enjoy slipping into sexy pieces, whether we're talking corsets or crop tops. Naturally, we had to ask the stylist for tips on how to spice up our own wardrobe this season, and she immediately had a few ideas.

"Just the shorter, the better, and semi-sheer tops are cool," says Dani. "Obviously, it's finding the balance of proportions. You don't really want an oversized jacket and oversized pants if you have an oversized shirt, so we always do smaller tops. In the fall, when you're not going to want to have a midriff showing or some type of 'crop top,' it's nice to have something semi-sheer, just so that it feels like you're not overwhelmed with clothing. We get to see an element of skin through that sheerness."

Jenner, for instance, recently wore a sexy look that Dani says was one of her favorites to style.

"There is this one blue look that Kendall wore to promote 818 in Vegas that I love so much — it's a Marine Serre look," she says. "It was [a vest] just hanging on by one button. It really didn't get seen so much, but it was a moment that I really love."

Speaking of those one-button wonders, Dani does have some tips for those willing to give the risqué paper-clip top trend a try.

"The trick is to make sure obviously that it's a tight button — that the actual slit is tight — but you can always have a hook-and-eye behind it, which is basically U-shaped something with a ring," she recommends. "If the button pops or whatever, you still have that second safety in the back, so it will never pull apart. You have a backup."

The last tricky trend we wanted Dani's advice on was a somewhat modest one: trousers, which many models and influencers have been wearing in place of jeans.

"I love juxtaposition of a trouser — which is something that's normally quite dressy — with something that's simple," she says. "We've done it with anything from a white tank to a vintage T-shirt; it could be something that easy. With DSW, we showed people that they could wear a trouser with a sneaker, and also do that for back to work, because people are now finding themselves going back to the office. How do I be work-appropriate but also be comfortable? You're seeing a lot of suiting with sneakers."

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