Christmas-obsessed mum spends £3,000 on decorations, filling her home with FOUR trees, life-sized gingerbread men and a Santa-themed room

Mum-of-one Joanne Buckley has splashed out £3,000 to transform her home into a festive winter wonderland, with life-size gingerbread men, a huge teddy bear and FOUR lavishly decorated trees.

The 38-year-old from from Braintree, Essex, told how every room in her house has a different Christmas theme, while the halls are adorned with human-sized toy soldiers, Santa statues, presents and an 8ft tree covered in tinsel and lights.

She said: "This year has probably been about £3000 but I add a bit more each year. One of the trees alone cost £800.

"It's not a cheap hobby. I am a bit obsessed with it."

The Christmas-fanatic said her hallway has a candy stripe theme, the living room has a Santa theme and another room has a Grinch theme.

And it doesn't stop at inside the house – her driveway is also adorned with festive lights and flashing snowmen, whiles visitors are greeted by a massive stuffed teddy bear.

Joanne said her partner Andrew, 48, and son Joseph, 11, love her OTT decorations.

"Andrew funds my fetish," she revealed.

"The kids love it. We wear Christmas jumpers everyday."

The Christmas season isn't the only holiday Joanne splashes out on.

"This Halloween I had a graveyard in the driveway and had about a hundred kids coming up to the door," she recalled.

"Christmas and Halloween are the big ones. It's been crazy."

Joanne, who works at a commercial vehicle service centre, uploaded a video to her Facebook page last week and has already racked up more than 600,000 views, with thousands of people sharing their love for her designs.

She said: "I've had a lot of nice comments and it's nice to know that people appreciate it."

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