Cleaning fan gets grubby, burnt-on oven trays sparkling with Diet Coke

MOST of us have a cleaning cupboard full of powerful products for every household chore imaginable.

But turns out you can scrap the lot and use a can of Diet Coke instead, which can make even the grubbiest of oven trays look brand new.

From burnt-on food to caked on grease, there isn't a try in sight without it.

But one woman has revealed how to easily clean them up using Diet Coke and it's really quite impressive.

The cleaning fan has a TikTok page called Sister Pledge cleans where she shares some pretty cool cleaning tips and tricks.

In one clip, she takes the filthy tray and fills it with the fizzy drink and allows it to sit overnight.

In the morning just give it a rinse and a gentle scrub which will eventually leave you with a new looking pan.

She says: "Clean burned baking trays with cola. Leave overnight then scrub and scrap off. Burned bits will just flake off."

In the comments,people thanked her for sharing the tip which will no doubt make their lives easier.

It seems few would prefer to buy new trays though, with the woman suggesting it wasn't a good option.

"Landfill? My granny taught me to make do and mend," she hit back.

Besides, not everyone can afford to replace the trays, so a nifty cleaning hack will do.

The Diet Coke trick works on other items too as the woman's also shown how to clean the loo, descale her kettle and even defrost an icy windshield.

Mind blown!

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