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COLSON Smith turned heads at The Television and Radio Industries Club Awards this week – as he showcased his impressive weight loss.

The Coronation Street star, 21, looked remarkably trim as he sported a fitted suit and waistcoat for the star-studded bash.

And many fans, desperate to follow in his footsteps, were left asking exactly how Colson, who plays fan favourite Craig Tinker in the ITV soap, managed to trim down.

In particular, Colson has been hitting the gym regularly to make sure he's fit for his storyline on Corrie.

His police officer character has taken up running after finding that he was out of breath while chasing shop lifters.

Craig told his Weatherfield pals that he was going to make an effort to get healthier after being bullied at work.

Despite overhauling his fitness, Colson also admits that food poisoning caused him to lose one and a half stone in December.

He ignored advice not to eat some seafood while holidaying in Thailand.

Speaking on his podcast Sofa Cinema Club – which he hosts with Jack P Shepherd, 31, and Ben Price, 47 – the star explained: "I was in Ko Lanta. I was sat on the beach and the waiter came over and was like, 'What would you like?' And I said, 'I'll have the prawns to start please.'

"I had avoided seafood [on Ben's advice] but I was sat on the beach and I was like, 'How can you not have seafood on the beach?'

"Well, anyway. I'm not doing that again. I've lost about a stone and a half."

Colson was only able to eat a banana and three slices of toast for a whole week before recovering.

The drop in Colson's natural daily calorie intake put his body in a calorie deficit state – a state which has been proven to help slimmers stimulate rapid weight loss.

Of course the way Colson lost weight was not a healthy way to shed pounds but to lose weight in a similar manner, a slimmer needs to also reduce their daily calorie intake.

Harry Thomas, owner of No1 Fitness and nutrition expert said: "So the first thing is to reduce calories and get yourself into a deficit, this means burning more than you are consuming.

"The best way is too create awareness on what you are currently consuming, including all food and liquids.

Harry added: "The best way is to move more – this will all help to burn more calories."Make it simple and pay attention to your step count.

"I recommend a minimum or 10000 per day, but if you are way short of that, aim to beat your average score.  The more you move the better."

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