Cringe moment lad’s girlfriend and his ex row on TV as former flame hints at an ‘overlap’ in their relationship

COMING face to face with your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is always going to be awkward.

But one encounter got horrifically uncomfortable, after the ex appeared to claim there was an overlap in their relationships.

Junior and his fiancé Megan met with his old girlfriend Lauren on Your Face or Mine, which is a comedy show where contestants predict how attractive people think they are.

The mood on the sofa quickly became frosty when Lauren spoke of her six or seven month relationship with Junior.

When she was asked when they last hooked up, Lauren said: “I mean a few months ago. Not a year and a half like he’s told you.”

She clarified that they had hooked up in October, to which a defensive Lauren cut in saying: “No, I was with him in October.”

Quickly trying to put out any fires, Junior retorted saying: “It was just before Megan.”

Hosts Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan tried to establish if an overlap had actually taken place, but Junior seemed to deny the claims.

He said: “Lauren is the last girl I was seeing before I got with Megan.

“We were on and off for a long time, and then the last time I split with Lauren I got straight with Megan. It was literally two days.”

Luckily for him Megan seemed to believe him saying he’s “very open with his phone”.

But things took an even colder turn, when Megan revealed she knew Junior had also hooked up with Lauren when he was with his previous partner.

Megan said: “She knew about it, so I don’t really think much of her opinion anyway.”

When they spoke of how Megan and Junior were getting married, Lauren said she “couldn’t care less” and said Junior is clearly “marriage material” for hooking up with Megan so fast.

Jimmy said: “Do you know what, I think it’s gone cold in here.”

Your Face Or Mine airs Wednesdays at 8pm on Comedy Central.

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