Divorced mum reveals heartbreak at spending Christmas Day without her kids – and others agree it leaves 'a hole in your heart'

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"I’m all for it. Still, it’s not what I had in mind when I had them and means Christmas will be nothing like it’s cracked up to be."

Jacinta also spoke to other single parents, who agreed it was "heartbreaking" not to see your kids on December 25.

Her friend Justine, who has two kids by different dads, said: "There’s a huge hole in your heart where your kids usually sit."

While single dad Alex Laguna said of his first Christmas alone: “I was heartbroken. I remember thinking this is pretty terrible.

“It triggered a memory of my childhood, after my parents divorced, crying in the car with my brother and sisters as my big brother drove us from one house to the other.

“Christmas is all about family but all of a sudden you’re on your own. It’s hard to take. You have to put your own sadness aside and try to make things  calm and happy for the kids.”

Alex recommends celebrating Christmas with your kids on another day to make up for it.

He added: “I bring Christmas Day forward. It’s just a date. Enjoy your kids while you’ve got them.”

With just days to go, Jacinta still hasn't decided where to spend Christmas – despite invites from friends and her brother's family.

She said: "I worry it might highlight my sense of displacement to be spending the day with other people’s children and not my own."

She had fancied spending the day at a yoga retreat in Bali, but it's fully booked, and there's even a wait list for charity work.

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