Dreamweaver: Abby Vakay turns old sweaters into luxe Hamptons fashions

Abby Vakay is a popular Hamptons yoga teacher who’s spent much of the coronavirus pandemic meditating — with yarn and thread.

Lately she’s become obsessed with cashmere — unraveling and reconstructing sweaters like a modern-day Penelope, patching moth holes with brightly colored yarns in whimsical shapes. But unlike the long-suffering wife of Odysseus (who secretly unraveled her loom each night to avoid an army of suitors), Vakay has reworked her remnants into a pile of one-of-a-kind garments, which she’s now marketing under the label Re-Creations by Abby.

Priced (from $40) according to the work involved, her collection of sweaters, denim skirts and jeans incorporate only existing materials (no new fabric is purchased) — and have quickly become a hit with well-heeled Hamptonites.

“For me, mending becomes a meditation,” says Vakay, 65, the founder and creative director of Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts in Westhampton Beach. “Every sweater is a blank canvas, and each patch is a mini weaving.”


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