Feeling extra? Gift ideas for your most maximalist pals

Gift-giving to the glamouratti has never been easier: Here are my faves for those who love something a little (or a lot) extra.

Because your phone case should shine just as bright as you do.

Strike sartorial gold with this ROYGBIV-inspired sequin top.

With it’s sparkly accent, this belt is not for the faint of heart.

These eye shadows come in packaging that is just as decadent as the palette.

The pouch purse is the season’s It bag. Go for the one covered in iridescent sparkles.

Why settle for one pair of bright earrings when you can mix ’n’ match these beauties?

The classic black puffer coat just got a mega makeover: metallic pink with logo trimmings.

Do as Rihanna, the Queen of Maximalism, would do and BYO glittery wine glass to the party.

High-wattage high-tops, just in time for party-hopping. Perfect for athleisure bae.

When you’re so extra, your accessories talk for you.


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