Hailey Bieber Convinced Me to Get These Super Soft Leggings, and I Can't Get Over How Good They Make My Butt Look

Over the course of the pandemic, I picked up a new hobby: Being obsessed with celebrity outfits… and wanting to purchase whatever they're wearing. Can I pull off Dua Lipa's white bikini and Hello Kitty Moon Boots combo? Probably not. But did the thought of buying those Moon Boots cross my mind anyways? Yes. 

New to my on-going list of "Things Celebs Have Influenced Me to Buy" is Hailey Bieber wearing a $3,700 Prada puffer paired with her gym clothes. I mean, first of all, this outfit is so iconic that it actually makes me want the green smoothie she's holding. Second of all, while I sadly could not reasonably invest in that puffer, I could shell out for the comfy (and currently on-sale) Alo Yoga leggings she was wearing. So, I did — and now I can't stop wearing them.

Shop now: $68 (Originally $98); aloyoga.com

The Alosoft Highlight leggings are made with the brand's signature Alosoft material, which Alo Yoga describes as a velvety soft fabric that's lightweight and breathable. It claims that they're designed to "uniquely fit" all sizes thanks to the use of four-way stretch and a contour seaming backside that gives a lifted look. While sometimes product descriptions sound too good to be true, this one fits the bill: They're possibly the coziest leggings I've tried and they're super flattering.

My all-time favorite leggings are the Lululemon Aligns, and nothing has ever come close to the way they fit and feel — except for these Alosoft leggings. In fact, I might even prefer them over Lululemon now; the contoured back makes my butt look peachier than ever, and the fabric is definitely softer. They're even comfy enough that, while working from home, I actually forget I'm wearing them after a few hours. Plus, the high-rise waist has a bit of a slimming effect, so overall, they really are *chef's kiss*.

If you're intrigued, I'd buy the Alosoft leggings while they're still on sale for $68, because that's a pretty good deal. Take it from me and Hailey — they're worth it.

Shop now: $68 (Originally $98); aloyoga.com

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