Hidden symbol in mind bending illusions signals you have a bright future – can you spot it?

A MIND-BOGGLING optical illusion hides a secret symbol that reveals to viewers where their future lies.

Creator Oleg Shuplyak, 54, is a talented Ukrainian oil painter who uses concealed images to turn his artwork into stunning optical illusions.

In this particular painting we can see a face made up of reeds but you may have spotted that the eyes and nose resemble a unique bird.

The legs and feet of the feathered friend cleverly double as the mouth of the woman.

The bird in question is a stork and it could mean positive things are to come for those eagle-eyed viewers who identified it.

Shuplyak's paintings of faces not only hide other objects or living things but also have hidden meanings.

For many, the stork symbolises joy and reminds us that there is a bright future on the horizon.

Storks are said to most importantly represent hope, which is why they are commonly associated with new-born babies.

Shuplyak also has a number of other works that feature hidden storks.

One artwork shows endless hills on a majestic rustic-themed landscape with soaring storks overhead blending into the natural beauty below.

Another painting features a wintry setting with snow covered trees actually an optical illusion of numerous storks which arc in tandem towards the purple sky.

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Shuplyak's paintings are so unique because they often double as realistic portraits of other artists and historical figures, something he has been refining since 1992.

Formerly an architect, he studied at Lviv Polytechnic Institute which helped hone his craft in creating the surreal designs.

The Ukrainian has exhibited his work all over the globe including in the UK, Poland and Denmark.

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Another Oleg Shuplyak illusion impressed viewers after four women were hidden in one design.

Meanwhile this optical illusion claims that what you see first says a lot about your friendships and outlook on life, check it out here.

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