Home Bargains shoppers rave about £3.99 eczema cream – but Boots is selling the exact same one for £17.50

AN eagle-eyed shopper has spotted a budget cream in Home Bargains, which she claims is a lifesaver for eczema sufferers.

But while the 500g bottle of the Diomed Dry Skin Emollient is just £3.99 in the purse-friendly store, Boots is selling the exact same one for a whopping £17.50 – and shoppers are shocked by the massive mark up.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one woman shared comparison snaps taken of the product in both the stores – revealing the very big difference in price.

"This stuff is fab for eczema and dry skin! Just look at the price difference from boots to home bargains," she wrote.

As well as the large size, you can also get a smaller 100g tube which will set you back £7 in Boots and just £1.99 in Home bargains.

She wasn't the only one who relied on the cream to treat her dry skin and eczema though, as many others raved about its incredible effectiveness.

But as good as many say it is, lots of people claimed they would never buy it from Boots as it's far too expensive – but were willing to pay the small £3.99 for the product.

"Boots are rip off so is superdrug always shop around and save your money," one person shared.

And another wrote: "I use this! Il have to take a look at our local homebargains coz that'll save me abit of money!"

While a third added: "OMG that price difference is ridiculous – why is boots always so much more expensive?!

Just look at the price difference from Boots to Home Bargains.

A fourth chimed in: "I have horrendously dry skin and was spending about £7 a time in Superdrug so imagine my delight when HB started stocking the exact same item and size but cheaper."

One woman even pointed out the price difference between other popular items, saying "price differences are ridiculous."

And added: "I buy nurofen express from home bargains £2.89 they are over £6 in asda."

Fabulous has contacted Boots for comment.

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