‘Honest mum’ goes viral as she shares how she thought she’d be as parent… and the VERY different reality

A MUM has shared an honest but hilarious video of herself talking about how she expected she would be as a mother versus the reality of parenthood.

TITLED "Things I thought I'd do as a mom but I don't do" the post shows the mum dancing around her house to 'I saw the sign' while revealing hilarious captions about her parenting.

The Mum posted: "Making all their food from scratch – lasted a few months after baby number one, ain't nobody got time for that."

"Force them to clean their bedrooms – sometimes it takes more energy to make them do it than to do it myself, also I do it better" she added.

Not taking herself too seriously, the mum continued to reveal how she thought she could have made children fit into her life so simply before she had them.

"Make them adapt to my life schedule – ha ha ha ha babies and stuff" she typed.

In her final caption, she said: "Be nice to everyone – kindness, confidence and boundaries are far more important than being nice."

The TikTok video posted under her domain @diaryofanhonestmom has over 12K views were met with a range of comments.

"The cleaning of the bathroom is too real! Lol and adapting to my schedule haha good one, I really had myself going with that one" posted one woman.

Another user said: "You are the most real mom I have ever seen."

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