Hot cross bun flavoured YOGHURT branded 'disgusting' by outraged shoppers – but some fans love it

CHOCOLATE and strawberries, peanut butter and jam, chips and cheese – these are just a few examples of food matches made in heaven.

But two foods that definitely don't belong together? Well, if disgusted shoppers' reactions are anything to go by – it's this new hot cross bun-flavoured yoghurt.

Sparking the biggest food debate the internet has seen since THAT "tragic" vegan lasagne, one woman took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share her thoughts.

The ASDA shopper originally posted a picture of the new Muller Light yoghurt to alert the group's 1.2 million members to fact that you can buy six for just £3.

But she quickly regretted her decision once she'd actually tasted it.

Rushing back to the group to stop others from making the same mistake, the woman added: "EDIT – it's disgusting."

Naturally, the post has racked up over 1,200 "likes" from other members – and the overwhelming majority were disgusted that such a flavour even exists.

One replied: "That's why they're 6 for £3!"

Another added: "This is the best post ever."

A third fumed: "Hot cross buns are bad enough. But to make a yoghurt that flavour makes my stomach churn – how gross."

"It's rotten," one outraged shopper replied. "It tastes like a candle."

However, not everyone was so critical of the flavour – with a few professing to be fans of the limited edition yoghurt.

"I enjoyed it," one shopper replied. "I like most of the flavours but to be fair, I'm going cold turkey on chocolate so anything slightly sweet I love."

"I enjoyed them," another bargain hunter chimed in. "I paid £1 for four in Herons."

And before we swear off the idea of it completely, one fan replied: "Tastes exactly the same as a toffee."

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