How often do you change your sheets? Cleaning mad mum says it's more often than you think

MANY of us might not want to admit it, but have all been guilty of not changing our bed sheets as regularly as we should. 

But how often exactly should we?

Well, one cleaning mad mum is here to squash the argument.

Sharing to her 31.5k TikTok followers, Becky has explained that we should all be changing them at least once a week, especially for four specific reasons. 

In the video, shared on her @clean_withbecky page, she says: “You need to be changing your bedsheets at least once a week if you have allergies, sweat a lot, sleep naked or sleep with animals in the bed. 

“Husbands and children count as animals.”


And it certainly created a conversation in her comments section.

One wrote: “I change mine once or twice a month.”

While another replied: “Blows my mind people who [do] it fortnightly.” 

Another wrote: “Ok who has time to change it three times a week. Weekly is ok, sometime i’m two weeks but NEVER any longer than that, especially in summer.” 

While a fourth added: “I say two to three times a week, I always do it, sometimes everyday.” 

New York University microbiologist Philip Tierno spoke to Business Insider about the dangers of not having very regularly washed sheets.

'Once a week'

Tierno stated that one week is the maximum time that sheets should be left before they get chucked in the washing machine.

After a week, your bed becomes a breeding ground for germs and can become a 'botanical park' for bacteria and fungus.

Whilst plenty of us wouldn't consider washing sheets after a few days, apparently it's for the best as it's enough to trigger allergic responses from those sleeping on them.

A survey by online bed retailer Time 4 Sleep has revealed that only 28 per cent of us Brits are clean queens that change sheets weekly.

The largest percentage of people change their sheets every fortnight, with a respectable 40 per cent doing so.

But 24 per cent admitted to only washing theirs every three to four weeks.

And that leaves a mystery 8 per cent, which weren't mentioned, but we hope that we've never been in one of those people's beds.

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