How to deep-clean your fridge using a simple solution & it should stay odour-free for months

A MUM has revealed how she deep cleans her fridge and keeps it odour-free for months.

Mum-of-two Chantel Mila said that you should do a thorough clean at least every three months and warned against dirt and grime building up near food.

Posting on TikTok, she said: “This is how to keep your fridge smelling great.”

Her simple cleaning spray involves mixing one and a half cups of lukewarm water with half a cup of white vinegar in a bottle.

She said the spray can help to “disinfect and clean” the fridge and also kitchen surfaces.

Chantel, who posts under @mama_mila_, continued: “Add five drops of essential oil or vanilla essence to this mix.”

Next, you need to remove shelves from the fridge and spray them down with the formula.

Once you’ve sprayed the entire fridge, paying particular attention to corners, you should wipe it down with a clean cloth to get rid of lurking bacteria.

To keep your fridge odour-free for months, you should place a quarter of a cup of bi-carb soda in a bowl inside.

The tip works because smells are made up of food particles which float around and eventually settle on other food in the fridge.

Sodium bicarbonate is attractive to both acidic and base particles, and these bond with the soda and the odour is neutralised.

Many people were impressed with her hack, and said they would be getting on with cleaning their fridge.

One said: “I'll be trying this, thanks for sharing.”

Another added: “This is an amazing hack, I'll definitely be trying.”

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