How to host a Christmas dinner party for friends and family

Here are the main do's and don'ts if you're thinking of playing host.

Everything you should do:

  • Start cooking earlier than you think you should – there's bound to be a few hiccups, and you want to allow enough time, you don't want to leave your guests waiting.
  • Remember to take your guests' dietary requirements into consideration – there's nothing more awkward than when you've forgotten to make any vegan snacks and your poor friend is left munching dry crackers and veg all night.
  • Consider the seating arrangements –  place cards will solve a whole lot of hassle if there are quite a few of you.
  • Light some candles – nothing sets the festive mood quite like some Christmassy scented candles, so stock up and light 'em.
  • Get the Christmas decorations out – but don't go OTT.

  • Remember to not stress too much – the party is supposed to be FUN, and if you're stressing about miniature details not going perfect then you won't be able to enjoy the party yourself and neither will your guests.
  • Stock up on booze – You will end up going through a lot more than you think, it's inevitable.
  • Make a playlist – it'll set a great mood and will save the hassle of deciding what goes next, and having to skip songs you don't like.
  • Do start the clean-up before bed – You'll thank yourself for it in the morning when you're feeling hungover and don't wanna move.
  • If children are attending, be prepared – Be considerate of those who have children or if any younger family members are coming along. Don't start the dinner too late, and have some toys or games to entertain the children while the adults mingle over a vino.

Everything you shouldn't do:

  • Do not attempt a recipe for the first time on the night – This could go great, but it could also go totally wrong, and you don't want to mess up badly on your big night. Stick to what you know.
  • Don't apologise for the food if all doesn't go to plan – OWN IT, if the chicken is a little dry, chances are nobody will notice until you say something.
  • Don't let the guests do your dishes – They're only offering to be polite, they don't actually want to, and you're the host.
  • Inviting a bunch of your different friends who don't actually know each other is a no-no – While it might be nice for you to have all your friends together, it could be quite awkward if none of your friends know each other, and it will feel like a mixer, not a party.

The main thing with your entire party is to remember to have fun, and make sure everyone else is having a great time too.

As long as you eat, drink and be merry you're sure to host a wonderful night.

Just don't over-do it!

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