I cleaned a man's filthy house for FREE so his child could visit him again – the before & after pics will shock you

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner took on a man’s filthy house for free so that he would be able to invite his child to his home.

The Finnish extreme cleaner took on the cluttered home, and it was unrecognisable by the end of her day’s work – and commenters say she’s "inspirational".

Auri spends her spare time cleaning other people’s messy homes for free and she absolutely loves it.

People who follow Auri on social media reach out to her to ask for help cleaning their homes.

She will drive for up to seven hours to go to her clients' homes, just to help them.

Auri tackles houses that would be daunting for any cleaner and transforms them into fresh, clean spaces.

In her recent viral video, the cleaner explained the reasoning behind why she chose to clean this man’s filthy home for free.

She explained: “The owner of this house asked for my help because he was 26 years old and lived by himself but he has a child. 

“So I helped him, so now he can bring the kid to his home again.”

In the video, Auri shows unbelievable before and after shots of her client’s house.

At the beginning of each clip, every room is piled high with rubbish – including a bed covered in debris and a kitchen sink full of dishes.

At the end of her day’s work, Auri can show totally spotless surfaces.

The video has racked up over 44,000 likes, and commenters were moved by Auri’s good will.

“I just wanted to mention how lovely you are!! I’m sure that was a very happy follower”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “Wow, you are a real angel.”

“You’re truly amazing”, wrote a third. 

Some viewers made judgemental comments about the condition of the home, with many asking: “How do people let their house get like that?”

Others, however, rushed to Auri’s client’s defense. 

One wrote: “People that go through this have some mental illness. It’s called hoarding and millions of people suffer from it, and it can affect anyone, no matter status or background. So please be kind.”

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