I cleaned the ‘filthiest house in Europe’ which hadn’t been scrubbed in five years – the transformation was amazing

MOST people hate cleaning, but one fanatic shared how she cleaned the ‘filthiest house in Europe’ which hadn’t been scrubbed in five years.

Hailing her work as the “best transformation ever”, TikTok user Auri said that she did the job for free.

The cleaning queen, who posts under @aurikatariina, showed the grimy home before she got to work.

The bathroom was filled with rubbish and the shower had a stomach-churning layer of brown sludge.

Firstly, she removed all the soiled trash from the floor and put it into black bin bags.

She then scraped off the filth from the shower and then sprayed it down before giving it a good scrub.

The floor was mopped to within an inch of its life, leaving it gleaming and looking as good as new.

Auri’s hard work left the bathroom looking unrecognisable, and has racked up over 8million views, with many praising her efforts.

Auri said: “This house had been without cleaning for five years.

“The house owner suffered from depression.

“Eventually she didn’t even have the strength to shower so she had to cut her hair off.

“Now she has a new fresh start.”

One person wrote: “I hope the owners are ok, and I can guarantee your cleaning has helped them so much.”

Another commented: “Thanks for being a person who doesn’t judge and helps others.”

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