I found my wedding dress for just £2.60 from a charity shop – but everyone is saying the same thing

MANY people spend thousands on their wedding dress – but one savvy woman has picked hers up for just £2.60.

TikTok user Jillian, who posts under @jilly_lynch, revealed she headed to a charity shop to find the bargain dress, but people have been quick to share their views on the style.

She explained: “I have gone thrifting four days in a row in hopes of finding a wedding dress for my wedding that is exactly one month from today.

“I want to show you what I got from St Vincent De Paul.”

Jillian showed how her mission had been successful as she picked up a dress that she would happily walk down the aisle in.

She said: “It is new with the tags on, it was $4.99 but was 25 per cent off so it was $3.75.

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“I’m going to try it on.”

Jillian looked sensational with the dress on and spoke about her views.

She said: “I really like the slit. The woman in the store felt the need to tell me it was too high.

“Seems like it might be up to me whether I think it is too high or not.

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“I think it is gorgeous.”

While many people gushed over the bargain dress, others pointed out some flaws with it.

One said: “It looks so pretty but it needs to be a little tighter in the waist.”

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Another added: “You should take it to a tailor and have them take it in slightly at the waist.”

However, many praised it, with one saying: “Yessss!! A beautiful choice! It looks so good on you!”

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