I have no front teeth…I just stick chewing gum between my pearly whites, it takes a while but it's worth it

A WOMAN with no front teeth has revealed how she gives herself DIY pearly whites using chewing gum.

After losing some of her front teeth after a series of dental mishaps, Sue, from the UK, came up with the idea of replacing them with chewing gum.

Starring in Never Seen A Doctor on Channel 4, Sue, at the time 56, revealed how the fear of visiting a dentist left her with only 17 teeth and visible gaps.

Trying to hide just how severe the situation had become, the Essex-based mum had come with a creative solution – to stick chewing gum in-between her pearly whites.

For a more natural and realistic look, she also admitted to staining them with coffee.

''I've been really unlucky with my teeth from the age of seven,'' the mother-of-two said.

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''I walked into a scaffold pole and broke my front tooth.

''When I was 11, I fell off a wall, broke my other front tooth,'' she revealed.

To make matters even worse, Sue's gums also became infected in her early teens – so by the age of 15, she had lost all of her back teeth.

But then an unfortunate visit to the dentist changed her life; one that caused the mum to develop dentophobia.

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''They sprayed the back of my throat so that I won't gag.''

But not realising this at the time, Sue took a gulp of water, which left her with a numbing sensation in her chest and throat.

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''Gonna die, can't breathe. Panicked, completely panicked,'' she recalled the traumatic incident.

''Flew out of the chair, flew home and that was it – the last time I went to a dentist.''

Speaking on the show, which was hosted by Katie Piper, the crafty mum also demonstrated how she gave herself DIY teeth.

''To get the perfect piece of chewing gum will take me about two to three days with chewing and staining.

''I put the chewing gum in coffee so it's not so brilliant white against the discoloration of the rest of my teeth.''

But despite the hack and hoping she would be able to go out, the mum stays indoors conscious that her chewing gum teeth may fall out any moment.

Stunned viewers of the clip jumped straight to comments to share their thoughts.

''This makes me want to cry. No one should have to do this,'' wrote someone.

Another person said: ''It doesn't just look unappealing, but you can actually die from certain dental diseases.

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''Gum disease can cause heart-attacks.''

Turns out, Sue wasn't the only one to have come up with such an idea, as a second fan of the method revealed: ''When I was 5 my teeth fell out and I did this.''

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