I secretly banned my friend’s kids from playdates – they’re feral & the mum claims they’re ‘teething’ when they’re ill

A MUM-OF-TWO explained that she found her friend's "feral" children so difficult that she refused to have them at her house for playdates.

She explained that the boisterous three-year-old and 15-month-old were too difficult to keep in line and tidy up after as their mum "doesn't believe in discipline".

The concerned woman didn't want to have to say something to er mate as she worried it would end their friendship.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "I have a friend her children are three and 15 months and mine are three and 10 months.

"We do regular play dates but I try to arrange them for outside as I really struggle when they come round my house.

"Firstly she tends to put high temperatures and vomiting bugs down to teething which means a few times we've mixed and then caught the bug.

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"She notoriously will meet up and then casually say sent home from nursery with vomiting yesterday. Whereas if I knew that I would have given her a wide berth.

"Her children are feral and drag every toy out so that you end up with a huge task of tidying and cleaning once they have gone.


"They are also rough with toys so I fear breakages constantly. She doesn't believe in discipline so they basically run riot."

In response to her friend's kids' wild behaviour, she decided that she would avoid the stress by not inviting the children into her home.

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The mum-of-two continued: "I basically decided a few months ago not to invite them round again as it was stressing me too much.

"Covid was great as an excuse for this and we had gotten into a nice routine of going to the park.

"However, the weather was awful yesterday and she was pretty insistent she wanted to come over.

"In terms of mess it wasn't too bad but the children wouldn't share and my son was in tears as they wouldn't share his toys.

"Not sure what to do as I really value her friendship just can't stand her children's behaviour. I know if I said something it would end our friendship."

Her children are feral and drag every toy out so that you end up with a huge task of tidying and cleaning once they have gone.

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in and share their opinion on the situation.

One person said: "If she doesn't parent how you like you need to distance yourself from her.

"Yes that will mean losing her friendship but you can't tell her how to parent her children."

Another said: "I'm afraid you need to take the risk of ending the friendship. It's not a good message to your own three-year-old that other people can take his stuff and trash it."

While a third said: "To describe a 3 month and 15month old as feral seems a bit much to be honest. How many toys can they really lift out?"

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