I transformed one of my dull rooms into a funky office space & saved £500, here’s how

NOW that many of us have more flexibility to now work from home,it's time start creating a nice office space at home. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can have the best of both worlds and you can still turn your office from 'meh' to 'magnificent'.

Melissa Faulkner, 25, was on a mission to transform her office space at home with cheerful colours, turning it into a creative hub and colourful pop haven. 

The retired nurse, from Wakefield, in West Yorkshire describes her style as “colourful, electric, pop and maximalist.” 

Speaking to Officeology, she says: “I love mixing different colours, patterns and textures to create some depth to a room.”

Her go-to colours to bring life to a room are yellows, pinks, lilacs and blues. 

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When thinking about a new makeover, she says "I get so much inspiration from social media such as Instagram and Pinterest". 

Melissa explains that to come up with the perfect makeover, she usually takes some time to plan around the purpose of the space, and this is displayed in her office wall colour choice. 

As a now full-time DIYer and content creator, her office also had to accommodate for this. 

In her colourful office, you can find lots of storage for all her DIY materials. 

Her favourite was making the wall rack for hanging her furniture vinyl, which she says “was so easy and fun to make. The best part is that I thought of it and made it all in the same day.”

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Other key pieces in her room are a comfortable armchair to come up with brilliant makeover ideas and, of course, a desk from where she shares with her Instagram community her DIY pro-tips. 

Melissa says: “I hung [on top of my desk space] a neon sign saying: What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?”.

When thinking about workspace wellbeing, Melissa's go-to advice is “going for something bright as working in a dull-looking space can negatively impact your ability to focus on work.

“When the second lockdown began, I started using the office more and realised how dark and miserable the room was to work in.”

She quickly realised she needed to remove the back walls and then planned a cheerful makeover for the space.

For her office makeover, Melissa spent around £850. 


She says “It was done to suit my budget at the time, but it definitely wasn't the cheapest way I could have made over the room.”

Melissa admits that most of her budget was spent on her essential storage lockers. 

However, she told us that had she found them second hand the makeover costs would have dropped to around £350.

She says: “People donate some amazing things, you just need to know where to look.” 

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She explains that she made huge savings by upcycling and completing her own DIY on some pieces. 

For example, talking about her vinyl wall rack, she shared “I made it myself using some materials from B&Q rather than buying one already made, saved me around £200.”

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