I used my accessories to tie myself to a chair and fake my own kidnapping so my boyfriend would reply to me

HOW far would you go to get someone's attention?

This girl, at the age of 12, went to the extreme of faking her own kidnapping, just to get the attention of her boyfriend.

In a Tiktok, which has got 6.6 million views, Chiara Kellogg shared her childhood story.

She wrote: "When I faked my own kidnapping at age 12 so my boyfriend would answer my FaceTime," over the video of her grown up self now."

She then shared the staged pictures of herself 'tied up' using a pale pink strap from her own handbag.


Chiara has even made her very own 'gag' out of a pink top with strings that are visible in the throwback photos.

To finish the look she even put an alice band around her ankles to look like they had been tied together.

In another Tiktok, Chiara shared the e-mail messages she sent to her boyfriend at the time, Walker, along with the faked kidnapping photos.

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In the email to him she wrote: "If you ever wanna see her again….Answer my FaceTime later…Or else."

To which he replied: "Weirdo.

"What did you do to Chiara?" Walked asked, convinced by the faked shots created by Chiara's own accessories.

"She's tied to my chair…" 12-year-old Chiara replied.

"U are scaring me," her ex-boyfriend admitted.

Fans coud barely believe the lengths Chiara had gone to to get her boyfriends attention, as they asked: "AT TWELVE?? Plsss."

"So many questions. Who took this pic? How did he respond? How do you actually look terrified?" one was baffled by her idea.

Another could not believe it as they said: "AND I THINK IM CRAZY

While one could barely breathe after seeing what Chiara did, as they said: "I’m screaming i’m passing away hyperventilating."

"Should I do this with my ex YALL," one asked, as 12-year-old Chiara had clearly inspired her.

"This is so funny," laughed another.

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