I want to call my son after a dead relative- people say it’s the name you'd give a chubby bloke playing darts in the pub

AS we're sure most people would agree, the loveliest way you can pay tribute to someone is by naming your little one after them.

But what if the name in question is a little outdated? Do you go ahead regardless or give it a more modern twist?

Well this is the exact scenario one mum-to-be is currently facing – so she decided to ask a parenting forum for advice.

Posting on Mumsnet, the anonymous parent explained how she wants to call her son Barry after a deceased loved one.

She explained: "Everybody called him Baz.

"Barry never liked his name, so we would never want to call our son Barry.

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"But we are liking ‘Baz’ and makes us smile every time we think of it, but worried what everyone else might think!"

Although the mum just wanted some feedback on the sentimental nickname, other members of the forum were quick to write off the moniker entirely and urged her not to use it.

One replied: "If my parents had named me 'Baz' on my birth certificate, I think I'd choose (once verbal) never, ever to converse with them ever again.

"Maybe as a nickname. At a push."

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"Change one of your own names to Baz," another said. "Why do children have to be the bearer of other people’s memorials?"

Meanwhile, a third chimed in with: "Baz is a middle aged man with a beer belly who is only ever seen wearing an England football top and most likely to be found in the local pub most evenings.

"His idea of exercise is playing darts once a week."

That said, not everyone was so critical of the mum-to-be – and others admired the sweet gesture.

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"What stood out to me from your post was that it made you both smile, and you are worried what other people think of it," a fourth replied. "If you were strong enough to crack on and not care what others thought, I'd say go for it."

"I know of a Sebastian who was known as Baz if that's of any help," a fifth suggested.

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