I was left mortified when my sister revealed her baby's very unique name – it's such a mouthful

A WOMAN has told how she was left "mortified" by her sister's choice of baby name.

The anonymous woman, who is 17 and from the US, explained how her 28-year-old sister had never been close to the family since moving to LA to become an influencer.

Taking to Reddit, she continued: "She had her baby last week and did not have any idea what to name the baby girl."

"My sister told us she was thinking of names like Elizabeth, Ashley, Ella, Anna and names like that."

"My mum was very happy with those names, as she ALWAYS talks bad about parents who give their babies weird unique names."

I was suspicious though, because there was no way that’s actually what my sister was considering for names."


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And it turns out the woman had every right to be suspicious because when she saw her sister post her baby's name on Instagram, she was left "mortified."

"The poor baby's name is Kynzlynleigha Everella. (Kin-zlin-lee-uh, Ever-ella)," she continued.

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"I nearly stopped breathing it was the biggest mouthful of a name I have ever seen. My parents were astonished, and disappointed."

We called her and told her how the baby will always get picked on, and she just hung up."

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The woman went on to ask social forum users whether she's in the wrong for making her feelings known, adding that while she knows it's not her decision, the name is "atrocious."

"I've worked in enough kindergarten classrooms to know that poor little kynzlywhatcha is going to spend a lot of tears learning to spell her name and will probably pick a nickname pretty fast," wrote one.

A second quipped: "I can't stop reading the end of her name as whatchamacallit too."

A third added: "It's going to take that kid until she's in 4th grade to learn how to write her own name. And NTA."

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Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Imagine how long it’s going to take her to even be able to pronounce her own name."

A further noted: "NTA It is a terrible name. Imagine that kid learning to write it? Good luck for her."

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