I work at Dollar Tree – it’s already a tough place but a recent customer request landed me in hot water with my boss

DOLLAR Tree is a paradise for customers hunting for bargains – but according to staff it can be a "tough place" to work.

One employee, who has worked at five different branches, has vented their frustrations after a customer request landed them in hot water.

Reddit user omjanana posted: "DLT is already a tough place to work at.

"But when your manager is not a pleasant person to work for it’s even tougher."

The annoyed Dollar Tree employee explained how usually they try to be "friendly" to customers – and how it backfired on one occasion.

"If someone’s short cash, I got you. You need to exchange something but don’t have a receipt that’s cool you can exchange it – obviously to an extent," they posted.

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"Anyway, when this person asked for a mask I asked my manager for one since they were in the office already but they refused and said they don’t need a mask anymore."

The worker later caused friction when they challenged their boss on why they didn't hand a mask over.

They said: "Later I asked why they refused to give someone a mask and they technically said how that comes out of our store budget just as the soap we use and paper towels including the bags we charge 10 cents for.

"Whenever it’s about sales she acts like it’s coming out of her pocket.

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"My manager is pretty uptight which I totally get it, but I worked in 5 different DLTs because I was the one they would send when an ASM (associate store manager) had time off or they simply needed one and the manager I deal with is like a DLT police compared to the others.

"Phew, I know it’s a dumb complaint but I got that out of my chest."

It comes after another Dollar Tree worker revealed that their biggest pet hate forces them to shout at customers on the intercom.

The unnamed employee said they get furious when children start bouncing basketballs in the aisles.

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Other Dollar Tree employees revealed that their pet hate was customers who tried glasses and took off their masks during the fitting process.

Meanwhile, another employee was left exasperated after being constantly quizzed about the cost of the store's frozen food.

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