I’m a 19-year-old mum-of-four – people say I’ve ruined my life having babies but I’m successful, happy & own my own home

A TEENAGER with three kids and another on the way has hit back at cruel criticising her for "ruining her life" and missing opportunities.

TikTok mum Claire, who posts under @mamaclaire00 said she is happily married, owns a home and feels blessed.

Taking to TikTok, she slammed criticism saying “haters pay her bills.”

Claire wrote: “I had my son Luke when I was 18 and his dad dipped.

“I met my husband when Luke was 3 or 4 months old and we got married shortly after.

“We have an age gap so that is why I get so much hate.

“I’m currently 5 months pregnant with his daughter.

“He also has two kids with someone else. A boy and girl (my step kids).

“I’m 19, gonna be 20 in April and the baby girl will also be here in April.

“So yeah I’m 19 with 4 kids and a husband and I love my life.”

Claire said that she is far from unhappy, and actually “manifested” the life she has now. 

She explained in a follow-up video: “19, settled down with a paid off car, homeowner, full family.

“I manifested my success and here I am.”

Many people were still cruel on her videos, despite her saying how content she was with her life.

One person wrote: “It’s ok in 10 years time shes gonna look around and realise she wasted time.”

Another added: “U poor girl, U missed out on so much.”

And one even went as far as saying she has "ruined her life."

However, many people supported her, with one saying: “Why is she getting hate? Looks to me like she is doing well for herself.”

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