I’m a child expert & this is what to do if your kid hasn't got friends (& why you should NEVER call the school about it)

HAS your child started school but you are worried they haven’t got any friends?

An educational psychologist shared her top tips for navigating this tricky time…

Don’t call school

Speaking to Metro, Dr Clare Daly said you should never ring a school and ask them to move your child to another class if they aren’t with their best friend.

She said: “Your child will have relationships with other children that can be developed and there will be reasons why children have been assigned to that class. It will be a great opportunity for your child to start conversations with others.”

She said if they really are close pals, the bond will survive outside the classroom.


Don’t worry if their old best friends make new friends

Dr Clare said that kids should be described as “best friends for now”, and you shouldn’t worry if friendships shift.

She explained: “It can be very difficult for your child if their BFF has made a new friend over the summer and your child feels left out.”

She said that you should encourage your child to create a circle of friends, rather than limiting themselves to one buddy.

Make playdates

Dr Clare said that if your child is getting upset about losing old friends, you can do your bit to help out.

She said you can invite them round for playdates or help them attend activities after school.

The expert said that great friendships are formed from your child being in the right place at the right time.

She said you should encourage your child to do new activities, and this will not only make them happier if they find things they enjoy, but will also help them be around like-minded peers.

Dissuade clinginess

If your child is starting to display signs of being clingy, then you should encourage them to take some “time out”, says Dr Clare.

She said that kids can often get upset if they see their pals hanging out with new people, but throwing a tantrum can hurt the friendship.

When your child says ‘no one likes me!’

Dr Clare said that if your child says “no one likes me” or conversely “I don’t like anyone”, then it could stem from insecurity. 

She explained: “Remember that making friends takes time. They need to get to know each other. It can be even harder if your child is shy, as their shyness can appear as just being bad-mannered to other children.”

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