I'm a cleaning guru… there are seven easy ways to get your bedroom smell great (& how often you change the bed is vital)

A CLEANING whizz has revealed a couple of simple ways that will get your bedroom smelling great – and it has nothing to do with air fresheners.

The TikTok-famous guru, Neat Caroline, shared the seven tricks on social media, where the video has taken the internet by storm, racking up 120,000 likes since being posted.

When it comes to potential sources of bad smells that could make your bedroom not appear as inviting and cosy, dirty clothing is one of them.

Not only will the sweaty garments make for an unpleasant odour, old laundry that has been sitting in a basket for days is also another breeding ground for bacteria.

For this reason, the New York-based whizz said it's best to keep your hamper out of the bedroom.


Instead, she suggested, place it in the bathroom or in the closet – this way the worn clothes won't make the air smelly.

Another tip, according to her, is purchasing plants – not only do they addsome character to the space but also have many health benefits.

Studies show that including living plants inside a home revitalizes the air, humidity, as well as lowers stress levels for better wellness.

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If you are to buy a plant, the Chinese Evergreen is one of the best, Caroline said.

Just like old, worn pieces of clothing, bedsheets and pillowcases also attract bacteria and result in an unpleasant smell if unwashed or not changed regularly enough – this should be done once a week.

Other tips included keeping the wastebasket in bathroom – ''makes a big difference'' – making bedroom a shoe-free zone, as well as placing fresh flowers by the bed and wiping air vent with a tissue that's been infused with some essential oils.

Viewers took it to comments, where they shared their thoughts, with one writing: ''This are actually really helpful, not just covering the bad smell with candles and strong fragances!''

Someone else warned pet owners: ''Be careful with essential oils they can be toxic to cats!!''

''Heads up that Chinese Evergreen is not ok for cats!!'' said a third.

Another seemed to disagree with one of the tips: ''flowers by the bed?? nope! those have a high tendency to have mites!! no thanks.''

''You don’t wanna put your hamper in your closet because then all your clean clothes will start to stink like the hamper….right?!?!'' read a critical comment.

Some shared their recommendations, like this person: ''Vacuum and dust regularly. Odors can collect on surfaces.

''Also if you can crack open a window, do!''

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