I'm a dating expert – six signs to look out for to know your date wants to kiss you at midnight on New Year's Eve

A DATING expert revealed the subtle signs you need to look out for at a party when you want to work out if your date is going to make a move.

If you're hoping for a cheeky midnight snog on New Year's Eve, there are a few things you should watch out for around the person you've got your eye on.

A party is the perfect place to work out if you're vibing, but if you're not great at picking up on signals, don't worry, dating coach Persia Lawson has the low down on the subtle ways he'll show you he's interested.

Eye contact

Speaking to Fabulous, she said: "The first thing is the most obvious, but it's also a biggie. Watch out for eye contact.

"If someone likes you they will keep looking over at you and try to catch your eye. When you notice smiles in your direction and lingering looks, that's a big positive sign."


An extension of the glances across the room is when he's making eye contact with you while speaking to a friend.

Persia said: "Whispering to their mates while looking in your direction is another classic sign. When they're really not being subtle they could be doing it hoping you'll spot them and catch them in the act."

Staying close

Another thing to look out for is when people make sure they are hanging around you, the love coach calls this "staying in your orbit".

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She said: "If someone likes you they'll make sure that they're in your line of sight and around you constantly at the party."

Being loud

In a slightly more childish move, Persia said some people will try and secure your attention with loud, bold moves.

She explained: "This one is a bit more immature, but often they will try and get your attention.

"That could be by being loud or boisterous with their friends and then looking over in your direction to see if you're noticing."


Listening closely

In terms of paying you attention, watch out for the ones who spend more time with you than they do with their mates.

And within those conversations, Persia explained that you want to look out for the way they indicate that they're listening to you and the number of questions they ask.

She said: "Say you're talking in a group of friends, if someone likes you they'll be really listening to what you're saying.

Sometimes women feel that they're being friend-zoned by playful conversation but often, the person is flirting with them.

"You will see them nodding their head to show that they're engaged and they should also ask you a lot of questions."


The dating expert warned that you shouldn't misread the tone of his chat, especially if he's being playful.

Persia said: "Another big one is the fun banter, which can include a bit of teasing.

"Sometimes women feel that they're being friend-zoned by playful conversation but often, the person is flirting with them."

Persia Lawson's book Love Is Coming: How To Find Real Love In A Superficial World is out now.

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