I’m a food expert, you’ve been washing your strawberries all wrong – the right way involves salt

IT’S something we’ve been doing with just water for years, but now a food expert has revealed we’re washing strawberries all wrong. 

Rachel Mansfield took to her Instagram account to clear up the way we should be cleaning our summer fruit after discovering the real method – and, surprisingly, it involves salt. 

Rachel, who shares recipes and food hacks and runs her own blog, explained to her 508,000 followers: “We learnt that I’ve been washing strawberries all wrong.

“I’m going to show you guys the proper way to wash them before you eat them,” she continued, clutching a punnet of strawberries in her hand. 

The food expert, aka @rachlmansfield on social media, went on to share her step-by-step guide.

Rachel explained: “So you take a cup of water, a tablespoon of kosher salt and mix it together.

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“And then add in as many strawberries as you want to eat right now.” 

Once the fruit has been placed into the bowl, Rachel said to leave “the mixture to soak for about five minutes.”

The salt and water will work their magic together, removing hidden dirt from the strawberries – as Rachel shows for herself when she gives her followers a glimpse of the “brown and yucky” water. 

Then, it’s time to wash them under the cold water tap for one minute to get rid of the excess mixture. 

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Rachel says she now swears by the short and sweet method – and wouldn’t go back as they now taste better than ever. 

Showing off the freshly washed fruit, Rachel revealed: “I am shook over how clean and shiny and also more flavourful they are – and no, they don’t taste salty at all.”

She reiterated this in the caption, saying: “I know what you’re thinking – they don’t taste salty at all!! it rinses off and since it’s only 5 minutes with the salt water it doesn’t absorb.

“Some use vinegar and baking soda but salt is more simple and less harsh on the fruit itself. ENJOY!! add this to your kitchen tip collection.” 

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