I'm a mum-of-11 and I only do one food shop a month – it costs me £1,100 & here's how I do it

A MUM has revealed that she does just one supermarket shop a month for her family of 13.

Sarah and her husband Solo live with their eleven children Judah, 18, Belle, 16, Luka, 15, Micah, 13, Tori, 11, Eli, 9, Noelle, 6, Hope, 4, Destiny, 3, Seth, 2 and Peace, three months in Lincoln, Nebraska.

And with such a large family to feed Sarah attempts to keep her cupboards as full as possible, stocking up for the entire month rather than making several trips to the shop.

She shared a video of the family’s enormous haul on her YouTube channel, Our Tribe of Many.

Sarah explains: “This is my big order, it’s a lot of money to buy all this stuff at once but it’s also helpful to have it all stocked up.

“I have a budget of $1,300 (£969). I am really trying to focus on our storage room that we eat out of regularly.”

Sarah visits three different stores, collecting two overflowing shopping trolleys and a half.

“It was a workout, we’re tired – it’s such a blessing to get it all at once though – I am not complaining,” she says.

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She came away with eight boxes of 24 eggs, 45 rolls of toilet paper, 16 blocks of butter, four trays of chicken thighs, four 5lb bags of apples and 18 packets of pasta to name a few.

Sarah says: “Our storage room is stocked up well so we will get by just fine, I could definitely skip several months of shopping and it would be just fine.”

The total of her shop came to £1,100, meaning that Sarah had gone slightly over budget.

She says: “I am not worried about it, the last few months, I have been under budget and I am sure I will be next month as well because I happened to get a whole lot of our stock up stuff.”

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