I'm a parenting expert and these four tips will help your kids STOP whining

A PARENTING guru has shared a list of tips that will help your children stop complaining.

Those with kids – no matter what age- know it's virtually impossible to make a day go by without the child whining at least once – but luckily, one expert has revealed four tips to help fellow parents.

Taking it to Instagram, Dr Jenna Elgin of Helping Families Thrive shared her advice by first reminding parents across the world to not take such behaviour personally.

In the clip, the mother-of-three explained that this is the '‘hardest’' step, The Daily Mirror wrote.

''When we are working hard to take care of our kids well, hearing them complain can easily trigger our own big feelings,'' the whizz added in the caption.

Instead, she suggested viewers: “It’s often due to a child feeling a lack of control in the situation.”

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Revealing the second tip, the parenting expert said: “Avoid trying to convince your child they’re going to have fun or to not be upset.”

When a child has already decided to complain about something, Dr Elgin explained that ‘'meeting them with logic'’ won’t help the situation.

Here, she emphasised, it's important you find your child's want or wish.

In her caption the mum advised specifically labelling this to help the kid feel heard, by saying something along the lines of: “You really wish you could have something else for dinner,” or “You want to stay home right now.”

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Finally, step four, according to the professional, suggested presenting your child with a ‘'choice’' – this will make them feel '‘a sense of control’'.

“Gently redirect their attention to something they have control over.

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“This isn’t meant to make them suppress their negative emotions.

''Rather, it’s helping them gain a sense of control, which kids crave.

'‘Do you want an orange or an apple with dinner?”

The parenting How To videos have amassed the expert and her partner, Dr Shanna Alvarez, close to 78,000 followers, many of whom found Dr Elgin’s video handy.

One parent said: “Love finding their underlying wish. So good to validate that.”

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“Yes!!!! Used this today!!!” a second added.

A third parent also appeared to be keen to give this method a go, writing: “Will try this in the morning, thank you.''

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