I’m a proud messy mum – my car is stuffed with old food including squashed donuts, old coffee & half-eaten nuggets

A MUM whose car is full of old food has insisted she wants to make others with similarly dirty vehicles not feel so bad about their lives.

Cecily Bauchmann took to TikTok to share an inside look at her van, writing on the video: "Showing you my messy van so you don’t feel bad about yours."

"I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help other mums not feel alone or bad about their lives, so let’s get started," she began.

Turning the camera to the vehicle's door, she said: "That was a Starbucks cup from Friday."

Holding up a McDonald's cup with a bright blue liquid inside, she said that it was "leftover slurpy from my kid’s Happy Meal yesterday".

She then focused on the central console of the car, showing "a smashed up Ding Dong, a rock hard donut from church yesterday, and coffee from I don’t remember when".

Cecily then shared a look at a paper cup her daughter had coloured in, before moving into the back seat and showing a load of old, half-eaten chicken nuggets next to her child's car seat.

On the floor, she panned across "a ball, a jacket, a mask and more food and crumbs and trash".

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Concluding her video, Cecily wrote: "Xoxo Love messy mom."

While some people praised her for trying to normalise having such a messy car, others were less than impressed by the state of her family vehicle.

"I could never. Not judging you but my anxiety is extreme," one person wrote.

"This is why I won’t allow my kids to eat in the car," another added. "My car is usually a mess but not with food."

"My anxiety just kicked in! I have kids but I can’t drive around a car like this," a third person commented.

"I’m sorry but I couldn’t," another concurred. "My toddler is a hot mess and loves to make a mess but I’m always behind her cleaning my car is super clean."

"I would be afraid of getting roaches," someone else added.

"Oh gosh yes I am," Cecily answered.

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