I'm a recruiter and these are the jobs you can do with NO qualifications that'll net you up to £60k

EVER want to earn a decent pay check but don’t want to spend years getting qualifications?

According to a recruiter, it turns out that you may be able to net a salary of up to £60,000 in roles many people have never heard of. 

TikTok user Your Career Sister uploaded a series of videos featuring jobs she wasn’t aware of before she started in recruitment. 

Here are some of the top ones that you can do with little qualifications…

Product data analyst

The recruiter explained that product data analysts normally work for an app or platform where they analyse the success of the product.

They work with companies to find out which parts users are interacting with most or least. 

In her video, she explained: “Today I want to talk to you about a role you don’t need a degree to do and even with two plus years of experience you can be looking at salaries of £60k+ and that’s on the lower end.”

She said that tech companies are fighting over product data analysts as it is a “pretty new role in the market” and there’s “not many people who do that role yet.”

Marketing manager in emerging markets 

Her next recommended role is one that combines languages as well as marketing.

She explained: “It’s basically somebody who works as a marketing manager for a global company to create content for their different entities.”

The recruiter said you don’t need a degree for this role, but you may have to speak different languages and have experience with content development. 

She recommended looking for companies that are hoping to develop their global presence. 

According to Glassdoor, this role can pay salaries of £38,371.

UX Design

Another recommended role is UX Design, which stands for user experience.

She said: “What this means is you are the person between the human/consumer and the interaction of the product. 

“That product can be a website, app or something as simple as a coffee machine.”

Glassdoor shows the average salary can be £50,000 and people can come from a range of backgrounds, from psychology and marketing to project management and finance.

LCA Consultant (Life Cycle Assessment) 

The final job was a LCA Consultant, and she explained: “This is a job within the sustainability industry.

“The crux of this job is analysing the carbon footprint of a product or a piece of infrastructure.”

Similar LinkedIn roles are going for up to £30,000. 

She said that typically you will have a background in “something environmental” and will be “analytical.”

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