I'm a stylist – the clothing mistakes we’ve all been making including stars like Meghan Markle & Susanna Reid

WE'VE all been guilty of a minor (or major) fashion faux pas in our lifetime but some of us, it seems, keep making the same mistakes.

But worry not as you're certainly not alone and even glamorous celebs like Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian are guilty of them too.

Lucas Armatage, a fashion stylist with decades of experience, said he's seen people make "a whole host of simple style errors that are easy to correct".

What's more, making these quick changes will not only blow your mind but they'll help you elevate your style, the fashion guru reckons.

"Pay attention to the small details you may be overlooking," he told Fabulous.

Here Lucas shares with us some of the biggest clothing mistakes we're all making and what we should be doing instead.

Plus the fashionable stars who have encountered some rather obvious wardrobe mishaps.

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Sole shaking

Ah yes, there's nothing quite like snapping up a new pair of shoes for a night out, but some of us forget to remove the sticky label on the bottom.

"It’s an easy mistake to make when you're in a rush," Lucas admits.

"I see many clients spend hours perfecting face and hair and then quickly dressing and dashing out."

He says to allow an extra ten minutes to do some final checks of your look, and that means checking the soles of your shoes.

He explains: "Shoe labels are often overlooked. To remove them, hot soapy water and a sponge work well I have also found that the alcohol hand gels we now all use are effective for taking off labels."

Guilty celeb: Millie from Love Island 

Tag, you're it

In the same way we rush to pop on our shoes, we often make the same mistake with a new outfit too.

But instead of stickers, there's usually tags, so don't forget to take them off – unless you plan on returning it after wearing it, of course (ahem).

Unfortunately, Meghan Markle suffered from this very thing during a royal tour of New Zealand in 2018.

The red dress was undoubtedly stunning, however, sticking out at the bottom was the tag visible for all to see.


But Lucas reckons it's "another easy mistake to make" that can be "easily rectified".

"Give yourself a small window of time to do some final checks," he says.

"It’s easy to quickly take a new garment out the bag,pop it on and forget there may be a number of labels."

He explains: "As well as a swing tag, a lot of companies now place a label somewhere visible which you're forced to remove if you decide to wear it -especially when ordering clothing online."

His tip is to always look in a full-length mirror before heading out the door to see if there are any labels on show. 

Guilty celeb: Meghan Markle

Stiched up

She may be one of fashion's most influential celebrities, with a full glam squad at her beck and call but even Meghan misses the mark from time to time and there's another fashion no-no the mum-of-two is guilty of.

In March 2018 the duchess was on an outing in Birmingham and eagle-eyed fans noticed an 'X' stich still sewn into the back of her coat. 

Tailored items of clothing such as coats and jackets often come a small 'X' stitched at the back, but this should always be removed after buying it.

Its purpose is to keep it in tip-top condition while in-store, but we should absolutely be removing it before wearing it, says Lucas.

"This X stitch is designed to be removed when the piece is to be worn for the first time, again it’s an easy oversight," he explains.

"I see so many people with clearly very well worn coats still with this stitch in place, possibly the most common faux pas on this list."

Sometimes pockets may be stitched up and often jackets with a vent in the back will have an 'X' stitch too.

And yep, you guessed it, they should all be removed.

Guilty celeb: Meghan Markle


There's nothing quite like a push-up bra to boost your mood, and, er, your bust.

But according to Lucas, there's a time and a place and you must proceed with caution.

"Lots of women opt for the support and added oomph from a padded push-up,but as a stylist, I feel they just look wrong worn in a casual ensemble," he explains.

"Unless the fit is perfect opt for bras that are designed to be worn under t-shirts. Technology has also transformed the soft bra market.

"Just look at skims popularity and although this may be down to the Kardashian effect, it’s also down to the comfort factor of ditching the underwire for something much more comfortable yet still supportive."

Guilty celeb: Katie Price 


Speaking of the Kardashians, you'd think they can do no wrong.

But even Kim, it seems, is guilty of a big fashion no-no.

The 41-year-old and her former flame Kanye West were never shy about slaying a couple dressing trend, but according to Lucas it can have "vomit enduring consequences".

"I understand couples who want to look uniform and complement each other, who would want to clash with their partner in any way?" he says.

"But taking it too far can have vomit enduring consequences, who can forget Britney and Justin?

The pop-star duo is yet to live down their double-denim ensemble from the early 2000's but it's something we should definitely leave in the past.

Lucas adds: "Remember to also be an individual when dressing for date night and don’t take a theme to extreme levels."

Guilty couples: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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