I'm an appliance pro – the trick I use before putting clothes into the dryer that makes them dry faster & saves you cash

AN APPLIANCE whizz has revealed an easy tumble dryer trick which makes the washing dry faster – and also saves money.

Using a tumble dryer seems pretty straightforward – just chuck your wet garments into the machine and press Start.

Well…Not really, as one appliance expert has revealed how to cut down the drying time with one easy trick.

Taking it to YouTube, Lords Electrical explained how a simple change in your tumble drying routine could save you money – which is particularly important, as Brits could be suffering through cost-of-living crisis for another year.

In a clip, which has been viewed close to 28,000 on social media, the whizz said: ''When you take clothes out your washing machine, try and just spread them out a little bit.

''Sometimes when you take them out, they're quite compact, they're quite condensed together.

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''Just spend a moment before you put them in the tumble dryer, just shake them out a bit, just loosen them up,'' he said whilst demonstrating this with an old towel.

''What you can find is that that really cuts the drying time down because it's not having to move everything around.

''There's nothing more annoying than when you put things in […], you've always got something in the middle that you didn't do that with and that's still damp.''

Sharing a list of Dos and Don'ts, Lords Electrical also advised to not put larger items together with smaller ones.

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''Try not to dry large items, things like duvet covers or bedsheets […] with small items – things like underwear.

''What you'll find is some of the small items can get tanged up with the bedsheets.''

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Instead, where possible, stick to the more ancient method of hanging them up to dry naturally, after a couple of high-speed spins at the end of your washing cycle.

For those who don't have any space for this, the guru advised: ''Either do it [use the tumble dryer] on its own or perhaps stick some other things in there, some larger items.

''Because what you can find is that if you just put the bed sheet in there, that can just get tangled up and it takes a lot longer to dry.''

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Similarly, there is also a good reason you shouldn't be mixing different fabrics all at once.

Sticking to only cotton or synthetics means the tumble dryer will perform more efficiently – and will equally save you cash.

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