I'm mum-shamed for dressing too sexily – people even say my bloke will leave me too

A WOMAN has revealed how she is mum-shamed for dressing too sexily – and people say her partner will leave her. 

TikTok user Madison Smith, 24, is a stay-at-home mum and regularly posts videos of her life with two-year-old daughter Haven and her partner Brody.

The Canada-based content creator, who has 400,000 followers, made a video about all the comments she gets as a young mum – and many come from trolls.

Madison shared how people say “you shouldn’t wear clothes like that” and that she will end up as a “single mum”.

The mum-of-one, who posts under @madisons.16 also said that some followers slam her family as “babies raising babies”.

Many people also tell her she has “wasted her youth” having her baby in her early 20s, and some cruel comments even said that her daughter “deserved a better life.”


Madison hit back saying her family is “stronger than ever” and gave tips for how they stay close. 

She said they always make time for one another and that communication is key.

The mum added: “In the end always remember to have fun and don’t take life too seriously.”

Many fans supported her, with one writing: “I love when other people think they have better advice for someone else’s parenting.”

Another added: “People need to stop being so judgemental.”

Previously, a woman was mum-shamed for wearing short skirts & see-through tops.

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