I'm sick of creepy guys messaging me so I threatened to expose one bloke to girlfriend – his response was out-of-order

MOST women probably aren't comfortable with their other halves looking at another girl's bikini pictures online… and speaking from experience, those who say they are probably lying.

But while the actual "liking" of the photo is a bit of a grey area, slipping into their DMs is an absolute no-go.

So when TikToker Sylvie received yet another creepy message from a guy she didn't know on Instagram, she felt like it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

In a viral video that's racked up over five MILLION views, the social media star shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with a guy who messaged her out of the blue.

In response to a bikini photo she'd shared from the previous summer, he came out with: "I gotta wife you up."

Fed up with the naff chat-up lines, Sylvie joked that she'd taken a photo of what he'd said and sent it to his girlfriend.

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Even though it had the desired effect of getting him to leave her alone, the guy refused to be shot down so quickly without coming back his own savage response.

He wrote: "Damn can't even be nice to girls anymore.

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"Jealous w****."

Frustrated by the exchange, Sylvie captioned the clip: "Don’t even be following me if you've got a girlfriend."

But rather than just leaving it there, Sylvie decided to then take it one step further and actually follow through with the threat the following day.

In a follow-up video, she explained how she sent photos of the messages to the girlfriend – but the man had already got there first.

She said in response: "Hey girl, thanks so much for checking in!

"My boyfriend told me yesterday that his brother took his phone and texted that. It wasn't him. Thanks though!"

Sylvie added: "I think she wanted to believe him because she loved him so much."

"Can't believe she fell for that," one replied. "She deserves better."

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Another added: "We all learn… in our own time."

Meanwhile, a third pointed out: "So if it was his brother why would he get mad when you mention you’re going to tell his brother's girlfriend?"

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