I’m so sick of my neighbours' dog barking all the time I made the ‘Dog Zapper 2000’ to make it stop – it works a treat

A MAN who grew tired of his neighbour's dog barking at all hours of the day and night has come up with an invention to stop the canine in its tracks.

Jon DeMaria shared his invention – the "Dog Zapper 2000" – in a video on his TikTok page.

"My neighbour got a dog and the damn thing barks non stop – I roll over in my bed in my own room in my own house and this damn dog barks at me," he explained at the beginning of the video.

"So I went ahead and built this invention – the Dog Zapper 2000. Come and have a look."

As the person filming the video struggled to contain her laughter, he led her outside to show her the invention in action.

"It's a fully self contained unit, affordable, fully remote controllable with a lithium ion battery," he explained.

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Right on cue, the dog, who was in the neighbour's back yard, started barking.

So Jon hit the button on the remote, causing an air horn to be set off.

"That’s how we’re going to deal with it," he said.

Each time the dog barked, he sounded the horn – and the remote meant he was able to keep pressing it as he walked round his house.

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People in the comments section were quick to praise Jon for the invention.

"I support you 100%," one person wrote, while another added: "THIS IS THE BEST EVER."

"OMG… I'm dying laughing… your awesome. when are we going to be able to buy it from you," a third asked.

And that wasn't the only comment pleading with Jon to market the device.

"I have chihuahuas on 3 sides," one person wrote. "They bark just because.

"I need this. You should get a patent and market this. We are all counting on you."

"Love it!!! I need that for my inconsiderate neighbours," someone else added.

"They have 2 dogs that bark constantly and they just ignore it."

And someone else had another suggestion on how to deal with annoying barking noises.

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"Waited until they had elegant backyard party & we turned on speaker full blast of dog barking continuously for 5 hours," they wrote.

"Problem solved, thxs YouTube!"

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