I’ve nicknamed my saggy belly Tummathy after losing eight stone – I’m proud of my body, loose skin and all

IF you also grew up watching noughties rom-coms, then you'll know that they very rarely featured any women who were bigger than a UK size 10.

But now that we're in the social media age, our Instagram, TikTok and Facebook feeds are full of empowering women of different shapes and sizes – including Jess and her belly "Tummathy".

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 24-year-old mum-of-three, from New York, explained how she's using her TikTok platform to spread body positivity.

After years of yo-yo dieting, Jess decided to dramatically alter her lifestyle when she hit 412lbs (29.4 stone) in 2020.

Over the past year, she has now gone on to lose an impressive eight stone.

Once she'd shed the pounds, Jess wanted to help others learn to love their excess skin and posted videos of her dancing around her home.

She said: "I actually do not care about what people say.

"Being a full-time mum to three [kids] and focusing on bettering my entire life takes over everything.

"I honestly don't have the energy to focus on things that would make me feel not so good."

What's more, Jess has now gained over 2.7m TikTok followers – and she even asked them what she should nickname her belly.

I let you choose a name for my baby and the results are in… Tummathy!

Earlier this year, she announced: "I let you choose a name for my baby and the results are in… Tummathy!"

In another video, Jess stuck a pair of googly eyes to "Tummathy" and filmed herself "feeding" him.

The clip – which has racked up over 506k "likes" – sees Jess standing in her bathroom in a crop top and spooning baby food into her belly button.

One fan replied: "I've found it. This is my favourite TikTok. I am done.

"I can now uninstall the app because it will never get any better than this."

Another gushed: "Tummathy is the show. Love this! We all need #tummytime."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I love Tummathy. I named my baby bump Jimothy – can they be friends?"

Jess also told the publication that "nothing is off limits" in her house but she tries her best to eat healthy.

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