I’ve tattooed my entire body including my EYES – people think I look ‘killer’, I’m getting new ones all the time

A TATTOO fan has got more of his body inked – leaving just parts of his face untouched.

The man, known only as Remy, is covered in numerous dark inkings and has even marked his eyes.

It’s not clear how much he has spent on tats – or how long he has spent being inked. 

But his 161k Instagram fans love it with one describing it as “killer” – and his partner Sarah seems to be a fan too (although she is keeping her tats to a minimum).

His latest post shows his new inkings on his chest and eyes.

He wrote: “Close up of the silver additions to my eye tattoo, swipe for another view.


"I've been around a while now, and people have become attached to different facets of my tattoos over the years.

"If you liked some other version of my tattoos more, the good news is those pictures still exist. "I'll be moving onto bigger and more interesting things whether it bothers some people or not."

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