Kyra Sedgwick Rewears Her Favorite Leather Jacket of 20 Years in PEOPLE's Beautiful Issue

When in doubt, buy the jacket!

Kyra Sedgwick's black leather moto jacket by Rick Owens has become her signature go-to piece to wear on and off the red carpet. But she tells PEOPLE in the 2021 Beautiful Issue that she almost never snagged it from a New York boutique over 20 years ago.

"I remember it was really expensive. And I thought at the time it was really expensive," the Call Your Mother actress, 55, says as she models the piece for her Beautiful Issue photo shoot. "I was so torn about it, and I left and I didn't get it."

After suffering from a bad case of non-buyer's remorse for two weeks — and even calling the store to check in on the jacket — Sedgwick tells PEOPLE she finally caved.

"I'm so glad I did because, first of all, it's timeless. There's something about this one that's very special," The Closer star says. "I wear it with everything."

Sedgwick has dressed down the "always chic" leather piece with a simple white tee and jeans over the years, and also worn it to red carpet events to offset the femininity of skirts and dresses. "It's incredible," the star says, adding, "I love it to travel [in]. It's almost like a cardigan in its softness and it's warmth, but it's a jacket."

When asked about her favorite memory involving the Rick Owens style, Sedgwick (who's been married to actor Kevin Bacon since 1988) recalled packing it on a beach anniversary vacation where a tropical storm flooded the resort she and her husband were staying at and drastically impacted the weather.

"It was supposed to be really tropical and really, really warm," she says. "I was like, no, but I'm bringing my leather jacket. And I was so glad I had it because it was so freezing."

As for what Bacon, 62, thinks about Sedgwick's edgy wardrobe staple?

"Oh my God. He loves this jacket. Seriously, he would be perfectly happy with me wearing exactly what I wore in this photo shoot 24/7, 365 days a year," the Emmy winner jokes. "It's slightly trashy, slightly slutty, but chic. He could just feel like he died and went to heaven."

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