Life coach shares six tips to get someone to INSTANTLY like you

A LIFE coach has shared the psychological tips and tricks they swear by to instantly get someone to like you more and, turns out, it's so easy to do.

TikTok user @francescapsychology has shared a series of videos revealing exactly how you can reel someone in just by how you speak to them and the way you act around them.

For instance mimicking their body language or waiting a couple of seconds to reply to someone when they've spoken to you are sure fire ways to have them hooked pretty much immediately.

If you hadn't cottoned on already, compliments are huge. It's always nice to hear someone say something nice about you, so it's no surprise that a compliment or three can make people appreciate you more.

Here's a few of the sneaky tricks she's shared online, so take note…

1 – Ask people to do a small favour for you

Francescas reveals that asking someone to do something for you subconsciously makes them think that they're a fan of yours.

She says it's known as the "Benjamin Franklin effect" and explained: "Say something like, 'Hey, can you pass me the salt please?'

"Their subconscious mind thinks that they like you because they're doing a favour for you."

2 – Call people by their name

Not good with names, then it's time to start brushing up because calling somebody by their name is actually pretty important when it comes to securing that bond.

"We absolutely love hearing our name called by someone else because it makes us feel important and appreciated," Francesca says.

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3 – Wait a couple of seconds to respond

Instead of responding straight away when somebody says something to you in conversation, it's actually more beneficial to wait a couple of seconds and then replying.

"This will make them feel like you're really thinking about what you're going to say to them and it makes you seem like a better listener," Francesca reveals.

4 – Try to match body language

Mimicking someone's body language plays into their subconscious, with life coach Francesca explaining that it makes a person believe you are "more like them".

She says: "When you talk to someone try to match body language and try to talk at the same volume and speed as they are.

"This will tell their subconscious mind that you are more like them and they will trust you more."

5 – Compliments

Like that girl's dress? Tell her. Think your friends is a good listener? Drop it in conversation.

Francesca stresses that compliments are key when it comes to getting someone to feel "appreciated" by you.

"We like people that like us. Knowing how to appreciate someone and make compliments will make them like you more," she claims.

Francesca advises: "Notice something special about them or say something like, 'I really like the way you think.'"


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