Marie Kondo organising expert reveals how to properly organise your home – and why you MUST start with the bathroom

IF YOU'VE ever wondered where to start with your home organisation, a Marie Kondo expert has revealed everything you need know – with tips from the organising queen herself.

Marie Kondo is famed for her "spark joy" motto and ability to declutter with ease, and now you can too with these easy steps.

Self-storage experts at Space Station have teamed up with KonMarie expert, Sue Spencer, who revealed the areas of the home that need the most work.

Surprisingly, the bathroom cabinet comes in at the top spot, closely followed by your wardrobe, as these are the areas you often share with your partner.

Because they're shared spaces, they get pretty cluttered pretty quickly and, according to the experts, are the biggest source of friction between couples

Sue has provided a detailed breakdown of the best organisation methods for your bathroom cabinets, as well as your wardrobe space.

Bathroom storage

Sue says to always store similar items together and keep frequently used items with easy reach on shelves.

What's more, you should create seperate shelf space and use the right sized containers to store your items.

She also suggests keeping essentials in the shower so they're easily accessible, and store personal products in boxes

Tips for decluttering your bathroom cabinet:

  1. Categorise your toiletries before organising.
  2. Work through one category at a time and check which products you actually use.
  3. Highlight shared items and agree whether they are to be kept or thrown away beforehand.
  4. Highlight the items you know you love and use first.
  5. Identify how often items will be used (are they for everyday use or a special occasion?).
  6. Deliberately use up items you find hard to discard.
  7. Throw out miniature toiletries to clear some immediate space.

Wardrobe storage

Finding the space in the bedroom for two sets of clothing can be challenging, so Sue has broken down the best practices for dividing up wardrobe space with your partner. 

Firstly, she says to keep what you love front and centre and store seasonal items separately – and definitely don't keep things you don't wear

To make the most of your space, Sue says to consider storage types such as shelves, boxes and rails.

Meanwhile, she says not to hang everything and separate your clothes into categories.

Tips for decluttering your wardrobe:

  1. Have a clear vision of how you would like your wardrobe to look.
  2. Get all your clothes out and put them in one place before organising.
  3. If you and your partner have a lot of clothes, categorise them before sorting through.
  4. Work through the categories one by one, prioritising the clothes you love and identifying why they are your favourites.
  5. Divide clothes into a ‘keep’ and ‘discard’ pile whilst working through each category.

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station, said: "A popular decision for many is to declutter and re-organise the home, to give your living space a feeling of freshness.

“We hope these tips provided by a true home organisation expert will assist households in reinvigorating some of their most chaotic shared spaces, whilst also teaching good organisational habits moving forward.”

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