McDonald’s fan reveals clever hack for eating fast food in your car without making a mess

A MCDONALD’S fan has revealed the genius way to eat fast food one-handed in your car without making a mess. 

TikTok user @marialenopara showed how she balances her nuggets and fries on top of her drink, using the straw to hold it in place. 

She uploaded a helpful video showing the game-changing tip, and said: “Drive thru #hack.”

Currently, McDonald's restaurants are only open for delivery and drive-thru during the third lockdown so the tip could help keep cars free from food spills.

All you need to do is open out your nuggets or burger box and poke your drinks straw through the hinge. 

This balances the box on top, and gives you two trays, one for your burger and the other for your fries. 

You can hold the drink in one hand, and still sip through the straw, while your food is held in place on top. 

People were amazed at the hack, which has racked up over 60,000 likes. 

One McDonald’s fan said: “gonna do that.”

Another added: “Wow.”

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