Melanie Griffith on Investing in Augustinus Bader Skincare: 'It's Like the Fountain of Youth'

These days, Melanie Griffith relishes not having a set schedule. Some days she takes a walk, other days she binges TV. She's even taken up experimenting with arts and crafts and is creating a "goddess of the [Covid-19] pandemic" with a friend. "It's not my forte," she admits. And although the star prefers to "roll with it" most of the time, she does have one daily ritual: her skincare regimen.

"My mother [actress Tippi Hendren, 90] has always taken impeccable care of herself. Through that, I learned to take care of my skin," Griffith, 63, tells PEOPLE. Over time, she tried "everything" but about four years ago, she met the man who created what she calls "the fountain of youth:" German professor Augustinus Bader.

"My sister Tracy, who designed the packaging, introduced me to him," says Griffith, who immediately became "hooked" on OG The Rich Cream. Shortly thereafter, she invested in the company. Now, she uses the brands' skin-and-body-care almost exclusively.

"In the morning, I use The Face Oil, then The Cream. At night, I use The Face Oil, and The Rich Cream. Oh, and I love The Body Lotion for day, and The Body Oil with The Body Cream on top for night. My skin is good, but it's staying so young from it."

And she's hoping to get others as obsessed as she is. "After I invested in the company, then I started to bring it to all my friends. It wasn't even in [final] packaging, but they loved it. Then through a couple of girlfriends, I met Violet Grey's Cassandra Grey, and she fell in love and started selling it. So I'm kind of like a behind the scenes ambassador for the cream!"

A few of her early converts? Her family. "My [90-year-old] mother uses it. My daughters [Dakota, 30, and Stella, 23] use it. It's a multigenerational cream, and the best product I've ever used."

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